marchondc (marchondc) wrote,

It's your choice, not theirs!

Last night the sign assembly insanity began, as did my internship, here at the Action Center. Of the 25,000 signs we have to put together here at the Action Center, Wedneday night we made over 4,500 signs! The intensity was palpable as 30+ volunteers competed in a high stakes sign assembly contest, (well, recieving a free t-shirt may not seem like high stakes but in the grand scheme of things, the stakes are extremly high when it comes to the future of choice!). In the mere thirty minutes of the competition, over 1000 signs were made and the volunteers just kept on trucking right on past 9 p.m. Free pizza fueled the fury as teams of four assembled signs at lightning speed while gophers, like me, went around collecting completed signs and stacking them in the corner...everytime I got an armful of signs put away, there was another armful waiting! The Action Center certainly lived up to its name last night with all the productivity and action going on in here. There were reporters and assembly lines and paper cuts but it was shockingly fun! If you want to be a part of the fun and this historic march (and I know you do) contact Vesta at or call the Action Center at 202-737-0633.

Action Center Volunteer turned Intern
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