marchondc (marchondc) wrote,

T-shirts galore and March excitement

Things are so hectic and crazy around the office this week and things are just going to get busier. I am so excited about the March--all my friends from Ohio are coming down. I know it is unrealistic to expect to meet up with a group of ten people in a crowd of a million, but I am going to try to:). My anticipation for the March is so high, it has gotten to the point when one of my friends told me about an activity in May and I was like, "I can’t think about that--that is post-March."
A whole bunch of awesome March merchandise is now available online and coming in soon (check it out at and I am dealing with making sure the process goes smoothly. We have basically two or three days to get all these orders processed to make sure people will have shirts and buttons for the March. Talk about cutting it close. I am taking breaks from the hectic office by canvassing and going to various outreach events to get people marching. Yesterday the hill drop was really exciting and a nice change of pace, though it was exhausting. If you know me it is not surprising that so far my favorite activities have been the pro-choice happy hours and making such interesting friends:). There is nothing better than supporting a cause and having a blast doing it. Let's hope that is how the March goes!

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