marchondc (marchondc) wrote,

Our Moment In Time:

With 18 days until the March for Women's Lives it is amazing and so exciting to see how far we have come in just four short months. Having worked @ NARAL Pro-Choice America since September, much of what I have done through the course of my time here is coordinate and assist with grassroots efforts that started with simply telling people what the event was and who was sponsoring it. Hundreds of volunteers later, most people in D.C. know not only more about the March but more about what is at stake for women's reproductive health, both in the United States and abroad. People feel a part of a greater movement. I have even had people come up to me in class to tell me about the March!

Every little task that individuals are doing is adding up to a significant event that can and will change the course of history. Thank you to everyone who is planning to join and March, now is our moment in time!


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