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American University Mobilization Party

I hosted a March Mobilization Party on AU's campus last week. The party was great, and brought a lot of campus attention to the March. Sara Love, NARAL Pro-Choice America's Legal Director, spoke about the threats to choice and what exactly is going on in Congress and in the Courts to undermine the right to choose. We also showed a video about the history of NARAL and the pro-choice movement from 1973 through today. It gave everyone good background on the issue. After the speakers, I spoke a little about opportunities to help out with the March, such as volunteering at the Action Center and on the day of the March. As college students, we sometimes think that our voice will not be heard on issues we believe in. I planned this party to show just how important our age group is in the issue of choice. As we talked about at the party, this is in so many ways our issue. We are the age group who stands to have our rights threatened the most. By the end of the party, everyone was really excited about the March, and most importantly, was ready to go out and sign people up! If you also had a party, go to to post details on the house party map.
~Lucy Melcher, NARAL Pro-Choice America Intern
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