marchondc (marchondc) wrote,

Talking about Choice

I was recruiting marchers at an event the other night and I asked this guy if he would like to sign up for the March and he said "I would, but I'm not a woman." Well, as you can probably imagine, I responded vehemently--in fact I think I might have scared him a little bit. But he was kind enough to listen to me while I talked about the ways that choice is important to men as well as women. The choice movement isn't just about ensuring women have access to safe and legal abortion, it's also about ensuring that everyone has access to contraception. It's also about getting medically accurate sex ed in our schools--not telling kids that condoms don't work and the ONLY way to guard against pregnancy and STDs is to practice abstinence. And it's about privacy--not only in the sense that women should be allowed to make their own reproductive health decisions, but also, as we've seen recently, in the sense that private, confidential medical records shouldn't be opened in a courtroom! And ultimately it is about very basic human rights--the right to decide for yourself when and whether you will have a family, the right to make your own medical decisions in privacy and without interference from ideologues, the right to live your life according to your own religious and ethical beliefs and not your neighbor's. And whenever anyone in our society is denied those freedoms we are all cheapened.

I think people are often confused about what the choice movement is really about because of all the propaganda put out by anti-choice ideologues. The other day I had somebody ask me if abstinence is "an OK choice." OF COURSE IT IS!! And THAT'S ultimately what choice really means--your choice is YOUR CHOICE and should be respected. And THAT'S why a million of us are marching on Washington.

Sarah M.

P.S. That guy who thought choice was only a women's issue--he wound up signing up for the March! :)
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