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Volunteering at the Action Center

I came down from Boston last week to volunteer with NARAL for my high school's Senior Project Month. I knew about the March and I figured NARAL could use an extra hand as the big day approaches. This is my second and final week here at NARAL and i have had a wonderful experience. I have been working in the main office in the mornings and in the Action Center in the afternoons. I've been out and about getting March sign-ups at lunch time and in the afternoons all around the Action Center and all over DC. I was so nervous at first about approaching people on the street. It really keeps you on your toes about the issues because you never know who you are approaching, how much they know, and what their views are. About an hour into canvassing on my first day I lost all inhibitions. I have gained so much confidence talking about the pro-choice movement just from lunch time canvassing. I have gotten tons of sign ups and each time it gets easier for me. Just Tuesday I was on my way home on the train (wearing my NARAL button and carrying a clipboard with sign-up sheets and flyers in my lap!) and two women sitting across from me started questioning me about my work with NARAL and within minutes I had 2 more sign-ups. People everywhere are so interested and eager to get involved, sometimes all you have to do is ask. You can find people ready to sign-up when you least expect it! I'm heading back to Boston on Saturday ready to get involved at home. I'm sure there are people on the streets of Boston too who are interested and just need to be asked!

Action Center Volunteer
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