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Here at the Action Center my assignment has been to obtain sign-ups and disseminate information and flyers about the March. I chose to start up a lunch time canvasing program, in which I would go to various areas of the District, such as metro stops, parks, and other busy lunchtime locations, hoping to catch the attention of people on their lunch break, and let them know about the March. I have been canvasing twice a week since the third of March, and have already collected around 120 signatures! This can be a challenging task at times, especially with people that only get an hour for lunch, and are in a hurry, but I found that in certain areas of the city I found people are more receptive, and willing to take the time to listen. I found most people to be pleasant and polite in hearing what I have to say. Just think...if one person can collect this many signatures think of what an army of us can do! Please contact Vesta via email at or call us at (202) 737-0633 at the Action Center to help mobilize now your freedom of choice.

Action Center Crew Member
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