marchondc (marchondc) wrote,

Don't just march--BE COUNTED!

Last night we were running a phone bank, calling all our VA NARAL members and making sure they sign up to march. We speak to a lot of people who know about the march and are planning on coming but aren't yet registered. In fact, last night one of our board members was on our call list, and when our volunteer spoke to her it turned out that she wasn't actually sure if she was officially signed up or not! I mean, of course she's totally committed to the march and she's deeply involved in the planning process...but she still wasn't registered. So I think our lovely volunteer Julie gets a special bonus prize for that signup. :)

You may be asking yourself, "What's the big deal? I'm coming--why do I have to sign up?" I have to confess that before I joined the Action Center team that's exactly what I was thinking. But now I know how important it is--and I'll tell you why.

If you don't sign up, you're not being counted. The whole purpose of the march is to demonstrate that we are the pro-choice MAJORITY--and that means we need numbers. The press very often underestimates the number of people who turn up for events like this (anyone who went to the anti-war protests and then read about them in the paper knows that firsthand). Of course it's incredibly important to have your body and your voice and your energy on the day of the march; but signing up ensures that people who don't attend the march will hear your voice too. Plus, it'll help YOU--we'll make sure you know where to go on the day of the march.

So SIGN UP! go to and BE COUNTED as a voice for freedom, privacy, and choice!
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