marchondc (marchondc) wrote,

Everybody has a story

One of the advantages of being at the Action Center is the people we meet. Everybody who walks in has a story and we are continuously amazed and always thankful for their willingness to share. The other day, a woman in her 60's shared her horrifying story of going through an illegal abortion in the 1960's. Her journey took place in New York City—she was young, scared and didn’t know what to expect. She was driven around the city, by different people, in different cars, for hours until arriving at hotel. She said, knowing all that she knows today, she’s thankful the hotel was a nice one and that the room was clean, but to date she has no idea who the person was who performed the abortion or whether he was a doctor. She was just thankful she did not get butchered—she signed up for the march so that others wont have to go through what she went through.

Action Center Crew Member
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