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I spotted the NARAL office at 12th & F in Washington DC. I had been contributing for a number of years to NARAL via the Combined Federal Campaign. I believe absolutely in a woman's right to choose. I wanted to help the effort, and fortunately the opportunity was there. Of course there are people on the phones, and people canvassing on the streets, but I was looking for something low profile.
I stuffed envelopes, assembled packages for distribution at Congressional offices, and helped assemble a significant number of the 100,000 signs you will see at the march. But the most important part of my experience was meeting all the volunteers, a diverse collection of caring, committed people from all over the United States. It has bolstered my faith in today's young people. It is easy for the media to generalize, and say young people are airheads, but this is not the case. The ones I met are intelligent, articulate, and aware. One thing that has to change, is that most of the volunteers are women. Men need to be a larger part of the effort. The women who will suffer if abortion is made illegal, are the mothers, sisters, nieces, aunts, and friends of men! This is no more a women's issue than 3 Mile Island is a Pennsylvania issue. But I am convinced by seeing and talking to these volunteers, that they will not allow their rights to be taken away. They will not only march, but will work and vote to assure that they and their children and grandchildren will keep this right

Action Center Volunteer.
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