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Federal Abortion Ban Trials

Last week, as most of you probably know, three federal cases began challenging the federal abortion ban (Partial Birth Abortion bill). I've read some interesting info from the trials that I'd like to share with ya'll.

One of the doctors proved that second trimester abortions are rare and typically not a first choice-Dr. Amos Grunebaum, a specialist in maternal fetal medicine at New York Hospital with 30 years of experience, testified in the New York case that more than 95 percent of his patients who have second trimester abortions “really, really, really wanted to have a baby.”

Proving that Ashcroft's demands for women's private medical records was intrusive and unecessary last week, the Michigan hospital that had been ordered to disclose relevant patients’ records to the government revealed that in fact no records would be disclosed because none of the subpoenaed records were relevant to the case.

This is just some of the info that is beginning to come out in these trials. There is an interesting article at Time Magazine Online check it out if you have time.

Any thoughts on these recent developments?

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