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Activists from all over

We see people from all over the country here at the Action Center. Last week we had a lot of people stopping in who were in town for Codepink's International Women's Day activities. Today we met a woman from New Jersey who was in town for a National Council of Jewish Women conference. She bought a shirt for herself and one for her daughter and we loaded her up with all kinds of brochures and other pro-choice gear. She was already working hard on organizing a delegation to come from New Jersey, and she told us she was hoping to reach out to high school students in her area.

There are so many people coming into town for the March from all over the place--it's really inspiring to see their dedication to the cause. We are going to take over this town on April 25th!

Don't forget to sign up for our "Get Marching" listserv at to exchange information with fellow travelers and marchers. We have to make sure that everyone who wants to come GETS HERE!
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