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Who decides?

At the risk of sounding redundant here is another reason for you to MARCH. As most of you have heard, Chief Justice William Rehnquist hinted in a television interview that he may soon be ready to retire his seat on the nation’s highest court. NARAL Pro-Choice America’s President, Kate Michelman said “A retirement this year would be particularly important, as it appears that several potential direct challenges to Roe could reach the Court in the very near future. The Justice Blackmun papers released last week show just how precarious the right to choose has been in recent history. We cannot afford to let another out-of-the-mainstream nominee get through.” But they will get through if we don’t do anything about it. They will get through if we don’t stand up for what we believe. They will get through if we don’t get our voices heard. The future of choice is in our hands and we need to stand up, March and be heard because we are in the majority. We need to send a loud and clear message that we will not stand aside and let anyone dictate what’s best for us and our bodies.


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