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Rally against the Federal Marriage Amendment

I went to an amazing rally at the Human Rights Campaign last night. People were PACKED on the lawn in front of the building, across the street, IN the street...the energy in the crowd was truly inspiring. About 25 people spoke, everyone from Cheryl Jacques, HRC's Executive Director, to a lesbian Gulf War veteran, to the thirteen-year-old son of two mommies. Some shared personal stories, some were passionately political, but one thing was clear: everybody in that crowd was ready to fight for equal rights for the GLBT community, and everybody was deeply offended and, yes, ANGRY at the administration's support for an amendment to the Constitution banning gay marriage.

I think what we've seen in the past couple of weeks across the country, and what I saw at the rally last night, is a community drawing a line in the sand: the radical right has been working hard to restrict the rights of GLBT Americans all across the country, state by state, DOMA by DOMA, and now is the time to make it stop. To stand up for your rights and the rights of your friends and loved ones. To protect the safety and integrity of all American families.

Almost everyone I spoke to at the rally knew all about the March--many were already signed up and forming delegations to march with their friends. Which makes perfect sense--everyone there believed individuals should have the freedom to make the most intimate decisions about their family lives for themselves. So here are two ways for YOU to stand up and be counted as a voice for freedom: go to and sign HRC's petition for marriage equality, and SIGN UP TO MARCH FOR CHOICE at

Sarah M.
Action Center Team Member
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