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Check out the Action Center in Newsweek and get in on the action!

Go to Newsweek's website to see two articles featuring NARAL, one of which with a picture of volunteers at our very own Pro-Choice Action Center! Click here for an article about how the Choice movement is attempting to mobilize young activists, particularly through the NARAL Pro-Choice Action Center and this very blog. There's also another internet-exclusive article featuring an interview with the President of NARAL Pro-Choice America here. So if you are reading this, come and get involved! Not only can you march and let the pro-choice majority be truly represented, you can also come into the Action Center and volunteer before the March, helping us make signs. And if you REALLY want to show the world that you may be young but your not apathetic to the current threats to reproductive freedom, you can volunteer the day of the march. We have day-of volunteer trainings the Saturday and Friday before the march...just email Vesta at so you can sign up! You get a free NARAL Pro-Choice America staff shirt AND you get make this exciting and important event possible, what more could you want?

Action Center Intern
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